ARCHIVES - January 2010

We had fun with our dear friends Bill and Athena Steen, Canelo project in December.
Two fellows came from Japan

- an American, Kyle Holzhueter who is currently a graduate student in Japan
and a Japanese plasterer Keisuke Noda.
We had fun week togeher at the Steen's home sweet home.

Kyle, Keisuke, me, Tom, Athena and Benito.
It was a great week to be students.


He taught us an Italian polish with Japanese trowels.


These are the Japanese trowels that we used.
Plastic #18038-C and stainless steel #17025
Good quality tools!


What do you think?
Not shiny enough?


It's like a mirror.
I bet you like it too!


Kyle and Tom.
Kyle has been researching strawbale buildings in Japan.
He came to the right place to learn more details indeed!

Keisuke learning to make a custom bale.

He is plastering on a demonstration strawbale wall
with a wooden float that he usually does not use.

After the lessons, driving an old truck for fun.




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