Natural Building Websites:

Canelo Project - Athena and Bill Steen, co-authors of "The Straw Bale House", "The Beauty of Straw Bale Homes" and the latest book(published in May 2005) "Small Strawbale"

The Last Straw Journal - The International Journal of Straw Bale and Natural Building

Pleonastic Frenzies - Mark Piepkorn - A nice/smart/modest person I know.
He is an associate editor of Environmental Building News.
Check out the book called "Green Building Products - The GreenSpec Guide to Residential Building Materials" Edited by Alex Wilson and Mark Piepkorn

Adobe Alliance- Simon Swan

Straw Bale Association of Nebraska - SBAN provides information, assistance and resources to promote and develop straw bale construction. hosted by Kelly Hart - wide range of information about sustainable architecture and natural building.

Building With Awareness - The construction of a hybrid home
A DVD VIDEO on green home building with straw bale and other natural materials

Thomas J. Elpel

Geiger Research Institute of Sustainable Building

Blue Rock Station - Alternative Building Technique and more

A House of Straw - Carolyn Roberts

Natural Home & Garden

World Hands Project

Surfin' Strawbale

The Baleheats Project


Japanese Sites:

Satochi Network



Resources - Architects:

Jeff Shelden Architect (Montana)

Alfred von Bachmayr Architect (New Mexico)


Resources - Tools / Materials:

Alternating Stairs

Chopped Straw


Stucco Sprayer
Stucco Wall Sprayer
see the image

Natural Bamboo Pinning Stakes
Butler Box and Stake, Inc

Natural Fiber Insulation

Ultra touch


Radiant Heat Floors
Wirsbo Products

Radiant Heating/Plumbing

Radiant Heat Engineering Firm
Energy A.D.

Anahiki Log Saw
Highland Hardware

Hand Forged Timber Frame Tools
Barr Specialty tools

Catalog of Fine Woodworking Tools
The Japan Woodworker

Non-Toxic Paints and Linseed Oils
BioShield Paint Company

PolyPro Earth Bags
Arizona Bag Company

Timber Framers Guild

Insulated Roof Panels

Steel homes/Red Iron’s

Merkrete - Shower pan liner

Wood Timber Framing Oak Pegs
Scott L. Northcott Wood Turning


Resources - Other:

Explaining it all
Colloquium by Bruce A. Silverberg

Natural Building by Michael Smith

Overview of Techniques by Joseph F. Kennedy

The Building Codes by David Eisenberg


Resources - Books on Conventional Building

Building with Masonry Brick, Block & Concrete - Dick Kreh - Taunton Press
The Best of Fine Homebuilding - Foundations & Concrete Work - Taunton Press
Plumbing a House - Peter Hemp - Taunton Press
Graphic Guide to Frame Construction - Details for builders and designers - Rob Thallon - Taunton Press
Code Check Series - Taunton Press
• Building- A Field Guide to the Building Codes
• Electrical – A Field Guide to Wiring a Safe House
• Plumbing – A Field Guide to the Plumbing Codes
• A Field Guide to Building a Safe House
Basic Engineering for Builders - Max Schwartz - Craftsman Book Company

Resources - Books on Natural Building
A Timber Framer’s Workshop - Joinery, Design & construction of Traditional Timber Frames - Steve Chappell
Build it with Bales Version Two - Matts Myhrman and S.O. MacDonald
The Straw Bale House - Steen, Steen, Bainbridge - Chelsea Green Publishing Company
Earthbag Building - Kaki Hunter and Donald Kiffmeyer - New Society Publishers
The Natural Plaster Book - Cedar Rose Guelberth and Dan Chiras - New Society Publishers
More Straw Bale Building - Chris Magwood and Peter Mack - New Society Publishers
Japanese Plaster Magazine vol.1,2,3 - Kenchiku Shiryou Kenkyusha

Picture and Table Top Books see more...
Small Strawbale - Natural homes, Projects & Designs - Steen, Steen & Bingham - Gibbs Smith Publisher
The Beauty of Straw Bale Homes - Athena and Bill Steen - Chelsea Green
The New Straw Bale Home - Catherine Wanek - Gibbs Smith Publisher
Built by Hand - Komatsu’s and Steen’s - Gibb Smith Publisher
A Japanese Touch for your Home - Koji Yagi
A Japanese Touch for your Garden - Seike, Kudo, Engel
Building Bamboo Fences - Isao Yoshida (Yoshikawa) - Graphic-sha publishing Co.,Ltd.



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