ARCHIVES - December 2009

What did we do in LanderLand this year?
We are pluging away on our timberframe strawbale cottage project, of course. ;-)
Moving forward inch by inch.

Cement lime stucco on the north side of the exterior.
Tom is embedding a stucco mesh in the brown coat.

Finshed the color coat too. The center (soft white color) is lime plaster.
Still a ways to go but the building is sealed pretty well.

I'm doing lime plaster on the east side.

Basic lime plaster is finished. These three coats will last for long time.
Hopefully I can make up my mind for the color and put final coat on next year.

Lander Bar.
Tom made a cool counter for our sunroom.
It's made out of gluelam cut offs that he salvaged years ago in Laguna Beach, CA.

Plastering is not finished. - I'm still working on it.

Tom made me a work table and storage underneath.

Tom fabricated this custom shower curtain rod for his client.
He used his new milling machine to make the brass brackets.

Tom's new milling machine in his shop.



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