ARCHIVES - December 2009

Work Hard, Play Hard.

Tom was gifted this "skelton of golf cart".
It's a vintage Otis S71.
However... to me, it's a money sucker. Yik!
Well, boys need toys. He's gotta play. ;-)

It's not finished but it functions.
And it's pretty cool!
It's also his commuter to some jobs in the neighborhood.
Lander's GREEN cart, "GO EZ".

Now, he wishes to have a bigger heated "hobbie shop" for his tools and vehicles.
What do I say?
"HOUSE" first, honey!

He is cruising. fun!!

After the play....
It's time to use some brain muscle. Good for him!

Creating a schmatic drawing for a "Rinnai"on demand water heater for our cottage.

Flat view. (click to enlarge)

Isometric and top view. (click to enlarge)



I'll translate for you.
He says send him some comments!



Any comments?

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