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Straw Bale Office

First a storage shed, then a library, and now an office: oh, how projects change! This one has turned in to a really cool building. The foundation is a combination of existing railroad ties and purchased 8x8x16 concrete block. The stem walls are 3 yards of Tractor Cob with an exterior Torch Down (bitumen rubber) perimeter flashing membrane. Torch Down really comes in handy for construction grade flashing applications and works great for pond and stream liners. Many times you can find damaged rolls at the roofing supply companies for half the price of new; I always find it nice to have a few rolls on hand. The walls were constructed with 2 string, load bearing, bales on edge, with external bamboo pinning. More salvaged 2x4’s were used to construct the top plates. A center 6x6 beam was installed to support the fourteen 5-inch diameter vigas (round roof rafters). More 2x4’s on edge provided depth to the roof for a 6-inch layer of insulation before the metal R-panel roof (also purchased at half the cost of new) was applied. The roof slope is designed for an eventual living roof. After a 125-amp electrical sub panel, a stained concrete radiant heat floor, 3 fixed windows, 2 used wooden panel doors (one sliding), a couple tons of earthen plasters, and various bamboo and wood trim details, it only took us a year to complete this building.


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