ARCHIVES - December 2008

What Else Did We Do This Year?

Tom was quite busy this year for his building and remodeling jobs.
In fact, we ran out of time to work on our own projects here at LanderLand.
Oh well... no complaning.
It all worked out good and everybody is happy.

Hope we can carry on these good vibes into 2009.

This is the current view of our timber frame strawbale cottage.
If you haven't seen the last year's image, please check this out.


WTom did finsh the metal facia and soffit. - ONLY took two years.
I was at least able to apply three coats of lime plaster on this north facing strawbale wall.
Will do the finish coat next year.

Tom's metal facia and soffit adds clean lines to our dream.



Japanese style bamboo gate within a gate.



A few of Tom's projects for others.

Bathroom remodeling.
Radiant tile floor and shower.


Concete walk way, steps and trash can patio.


Completed foudation for a 24x24 strawbale building.
We call it Deb's place.

This is an attached root celler to Deb's place.


Me!? Just goofing around and playing with mud.
These are my earth creations.

Rain chain with earth lily (an image of water lily).

Earth privacy garden wall with abstruct designs. Fun!

Earth leaf design.

Earth and lime panelized privacy fence with clay tile stemwall.



Any comments?

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