December 2007

Our Timber Frame Strawbale Cottage

It's still not completed, however, there was some good progress made.
Most of windows are in and the cottage is sealed for the winter.
The front door, the wood siding and the double doors are all temporally for now.
We slept for two weeks up in our loft when we had some company this fall.
It was quite nice and cozy.

. .

It's still lot of work to finish but it's coming along.
The spiral staircase is a great addtion to the house and the extended deck will add some nice outdoor space.


Tom built a "Batton and Board" style wains coating.
It's very nice quality work.


All the interior walls have a base coat of earth plaster.
Greyish color on the timber frame panels and above the windows are also earth plasters.
We are in the process of playing with different colors for the finishes.

More fun continues next year.


This is an alternating staircase sometimes called a ship ladder or monks ladder.
Tom made a quick version for climbing up to the little loft.

He also made a four panel door for the loft.

It opens like this.

.. .. ..

What else are we doing in our spare time?


Tom is doing some major repairs on our work truck.
He is having fun even if people call it a "nightmare".

Meanwhile, I'm just playing.
This is one of my plays.
A "cob garden wall" with lime plaster.



Any comments?

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