ARCHIVES - November 2006

Building a house by yourself is a test of your patience.
We have been working for our dream - building a timberframe strawbale cottage since 1999.
It will take few more years to finish as "mortgage free".

We love working for our future.
Working hard for yourself is completely different from working for somebody else.
Every piece of your effort will come back to you.
It's the beauty of being owner builders.

The fun part of construction is just begining.
We did some stucco and plaster.
Can't wait to plaster the rest of the walls next year!


It's about time to hibernate for us.

Enjoy some images and see you next year!


Bales are up on west, south and part of the north wall of the cottage.


Stuccoed west side and part north side.
Yes, four windows are in!


Rest of the cottage will be earth and lime plastered.
Part of the north wall has been roughly earth plastered.


First coat of earth plaster.



See Tom's happy face on the day first bale on the timber frame cottage.

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