The Spotted Owl

We used to call this building "The Wing". Now it's our "Spotted Owl" apartment. We created this strawbale living space from our former bamboo wing rack storage building. This tiny apartment, houses our bedroom, kitchen and bathroom all in total of 128 square feet.

The exsisting recycled garage door steel frame and roof was raised, a concrete footing was poured then a concrete block and stone stemwall was motared up. Next the frame and roof were lowered and anchored down. We poured half of the floor in stained concrete with radiant heat pipe. The second half, under the bed, was left unheated and finished as an earthen floor. Three of the exterior walls were infilled strawbales while the north wall stayed as garage door panels but covered with bamboo pins and a rough earth plaster. The interior walls have our Kingston clay/straw earth plasters. The exterior walls will receive an earth/lime finish plaster.

Finishing off the interior is a tiled kitchen, site built custom tile shower and toilet nook along with an assortment of various wood trim and shelving.

It would rent for $3,000/month in downtown Tokyo for sure!!!
Yes, living simple is the way to go, small is beautiful!



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