The Spotted Owl Apartment

Alternative, natural or just plain cool,
LanderLand does it again with another small and
cosy 128 square foot building.

It's natural!
It's art!
It's quality!
It's the beauty of the Lander's workmanship!

Using a clever combination of recycled garage door track mixed with clay, masonry, tile, straw, wood and a lot of hard work our fifth building is almost complete. Except for the final exterior lime/earth plaster, Tom and Satomi’s “Spotted Owl” apartment is complete. As the saying goes, “were in”!!! First meal cooked in our kitchen. First steaming hot showers. The first load of laundry and most important, our first nights sleep at LanderLand. Exciting and strange to finally be living on our land and to be sleeping in our own straw bale building. Now it’s on to the next project, an adjoining sunroom.



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